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Bridgers NEW WEBSITE is: https://www.bridgersngo.org

Bridgers Association Cameroon is a registered non profit Organization in Cameroon with focus on women and gender equality. Read Bridgers’ Theory of Change here!

Our mission and objectives are geared towards the improvement of women’s socio-economic well being.

Bridgers Association Cameroon is Accredited to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

New Projects


With the out break of this deadly virus, our team is mobilized and providing assistance in local communities to fight and prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Join us in this and safe the world and its people. We are in this together!  Your support will enable many people to benefit from our work.

Thank you!

Economic Empowerment of Women/Girls in Bamenda amidst the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon

Funded by the High Commission of Canada to Cameroon, this project provided financial/material capital donations to Internally displaced women/girls and psycho-social support to them.

Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Project

We are presently implementing a Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Project in Cameroon funded by Becker/Cordes Stiftung of Germany.

This project is to empower at least 300 young girls/women in 5 high schools in Yaoundé and advocate for their sexual reproductive health rights by raising awareness on the effective use of contraceptive measures, thereby fostering the attainment of UN Agenda 2030 of the Sustainable Developments Goals 1, 3, 4 and 5.


Menstrual Cup Project

We are currently educating on Menstrual hygiene, introducing and distributing Menstrual Cups and reusable pads to young girls/women in Cameroon. This project will curb menstrual poverty and also a sustainable way of managing menstrual hygiene in Cameroon while sustaining our environment.

We are seeking more partners to support this project from any part of the world. Contact us

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In the world of Bridgers, we believe that if we empower a woman socio-econmically, she can advocate for her rights.

African women can considerably contribute in the continents development through economic, political and social development but we still need to provide adequate support to their efforts.

We also believe that if we train men alongside women, the gender parity would reduce, these men will stand for the women. #HeForShe

We strongly believe that when youths are given equal educational opportunities as well as empowered with entrepreneurial skills together, they grow into successful men and women with zero gender discrimination.

We therefore stand for the fact that if children are groomed from infancy to respect everyone’s rights, the sex not withstanding, the gender gap will grow minimal and the world would get better and better.

Advocacy is our weapon to get there, join us to  realize your passion if you share our dream.

In fact Bridgers Association Cameroon is a human development organization with holistic approaches that positively bring smiles on the faces of vulnerable/underprivileged groups/beneficiariescropped-cropped-cropped-img-20161105-wa0008.jpg in the society through capacity building and Charity in collaboration with stakeholders.cropped-img-20170117-wa0008.jpg

Our team is made up of committed and dynamic men and women whose academic and professional exposures blend to produce the added impetus that’s required to achieve sustainable development by reducing poverty and changing perceptions through our projects.

Take a look at our Background as you go through this site, we are delighted in carrying out social and civil society workIMG_20171024_121954 while effectively engaging local beneficiaries. We have the Care and Support Initiative for the Less Privilege which we invite everyone to be part of it where there is need.

Our policies are friendly and adapted to the realities of this globalize times.cropped-30425323_1860500020667329_2845045192389406966_o2.jpg

Visit our contact page to get to us.

It may interest you to support us in our school project. Academic Counselling and orientation of young students in Cameroon by Bridgers Association Cameroon. Objective here is to promote quality education and produce good results and the reading culture for sustainable development in selected schools in Cameroon. Bridgers edu. project.

If you wish to support this project join us by contacting us directly.

Join us in our School Counseling and Capacity building Programs
Join us in our School and Youth Counseling/Mentoring Capacity Building Programs. Ahead Girls, the time is now
Join us in our School and Youth Counseling/Mentoring Capacity Building Programs

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Name of Bank: NFC Bank Cameroon

Name of Account: Bridgers Association Cameroon

Account Number: 10025000433640106675874

IBAN Number: CM2110025000433640106675874

Bank Swift Code: NAFCCMCY

Madam Jackline at her Desk
Madam Jackline at her Desk

When grassroots women get involved and speak out about what their problems are, the solutions are bound to come out without stress. Bridgers gets them on board, we let them prioritize their needs and the challenges faced. This is need based assessment!

We works within the framework of the SDG’s.

Bridgers management structure:

-General Assembly

-Executive Board

-Advisory Board

-Management Team

A Word from the Coordinator

Thanks so much for visiting our website. I am humbled and most delighted to welcome you to this platform where you are introduced to our Non  Governmental Organization bent on women empowerment through advocacy. To us, Women Empowerment means increasing the power of women socially, economically and emotionally.

Gender based violence has put most women in constant fear yet the Sustainable Development Goals needs to be achieved sooner than later.
From our work in the field, a lot of women/girls cry and testify in the background as being victims of torture and violence thus, needing some form of psycho-social and/or rehabilitation support. And this is what is most lacking. We therefore strongly belief that if women are empowered in every sense of the word, violence against them would obviously be minimize! Through our activities we hopefully envisage a sustainable peaceful world where all humans are equal.

On this basis therefore, I hereby launch a fervent appeal to your heart and conscience to join hands with Bridgers in a synergy to push and mature this vision and mission we embarked on. Be part of the change the world needs. Leave your footprints on the sands of time. #HeForShe. #LeaveNoOneBehind.

I urge you to go through Bridgers’ Theory of Change

“We are passionate in uplifting the inner beings of women by nurturing their self  esteem in order to defeat gender inequalities anytime everywhere around the world” 

”Achieve Gender Equality and Empower all Women and Girls”(SDG 5)


Thanks for taking interest in Bridgers Association Cameroon.

For any inquiries, kindly contact us through Tel: (+237) 674662893 / (+237) 677334678 or email us through: infos@bridgersngo.org / bridgersngo@gmail.com

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To empower women/girls to create an environment in which both men and women enjoy equity, contribute and benefit as equal partners without any barriers.


Our Goal

To propel women to become socio-economically viable  so as to minimize all forms of gender based violence.

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Bridgers welcome volunteers from within and out of Cameroon. Our volunteers are categorized into students on internship, recent graduates and even persons wishing to offer themselves and their expertise at the service of the community.

We are Innovative and ready to welcome new persons with new ideas. Use the link below to get back to us. https://bridgersngo.org


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