Help The African Child From Abuse

cropped-img-20161105-wa0008.jpgIrrespective of the increasing awareness of the rights of the child in the era of globalization, the African Child continue to suffer abuses in various forms: child labour, child pornography and sexual exploitation just to name but these. In the midst of all these, who is to blame? Are you not responsible for doing or not doing something consciously or unconsciously? Who encourages what, when, how and why?

Child labour is on the rise in both urban and village settings today and therefore needs serious measures from all and sundry.

Let’s together enlighten and strengthen the African Child so that the children of today can grow up to effectively take Africa to where it should truly be.

Africa has remain a dark continent for too long and therefore needs transformed transformers. Children they say are the leaders and torch bearers of tomorrow. Bridgers Association Cameroon joined the rest of the Continent in celebrating the African Child on Friday 16 June, 2017.

Tell someone out there to stop exploiting innocent children …