Rotating Fund and Follow-up Scheme

Bridgers is developing a Micro Financing program dope “Rotating Fund and follow up Scheme.”

This program that has already benefited a number of persons, is gaining grounds and applause among youths. We give out ‘small’ amounts of money to youths after coaching and then follow up these beneficiaries to ensure that they properly execute their plans which should however be sustainable as well.

The youths are the back bone and pride of every society as such, they require special attention from both the government and civil society bodies alike which should complement governments actions. In our own way, we strive to get the youths busy for their self empowerment and community development at large.

Bridgers Association is realizing this goal by engaging some industrious youths into petite businesses and trades to make both ends meet in life. In so doing, Bridgers bridges the gap between the employed and the unemployed. This is done in line with one of our objective of promoting the concept of self reliance aimed at reducing unemployment in Cameroon.

We believe that your situation as an unemployed can change if we share the responsibility of empowering ourselves. We eradicate poverty and grow together economically and otherwise.

Please come let’s work on this program together to alleviate poverty
Rotating Fund and Follow-up Scheme in Cameroon.

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